Don’t let the stuffy name keep you away!

Eiffel Tower

OK, it’s not the snappiest name in the tour industry. But once you dig into Academic Arrangements Abroad’s website, you’ll cast aside those first impressions. From tracing the history of the influential Bauhaus movement in Germany to discovering lesser-known Egyptian sites, these are customized tours that give you so much more than the usual drive-by.

Academic Arrangements Abroad collaborates exclusively with leading museums, alumni associations and cultural organizations to create high-quality and memorable travel experiences.

This year’s trips are by land, sea, air and riverboat to more than 50 countries — from a relaxing Caribbean cruise aboard the legendary sailing yacht Sea Cloud to a Russian New Year’s gala recapturing the glamour of tsarist celebrations. Each program is highlighted by special events, behind-the-scenes visits and private access.

I have friends who have gone on a number of their trips. Here’s what Christopher Wronsky of Exeter, New Hampshire had to say:

“We had the most amazing experience on our trip through the Galapagos and to Peru, including Machu Pichu. If you are going to do a once-in-a-lifetime trip you wish done properly, are a nervous traveler worried about approaching a hotel counter in a foreign land and being met with a blank stare, or enjoy smaller groups of intelligent people interested in learning about other cultures rather than just shopping in them, Academic Arrangements Abroad can make the difference. Since I “suffer” from all of the above, it not only made a difference, it got me on the trip!”

Established in 1977, Academic Arrangements Abroad was one of the first tour operators to offer trips to China, Russia, Cuba and Libya. The staff is continually developing innovative itineraries to cutting-edge destinations — and offering fresh perspectives on old favorites.

Academic Arrangements Abroad

Paris’ Eiffel Tower
Photo by Sue Frause

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