Treat Yourself with an Unforgettable Repose


If you are on a tour to Europe, a visit to the Verdura Golf & Spa Resort is a must. Situated near the seaside town of Sciacca on the southern coast of Sicily, this resort spans an area of over 230 hectares of lovely landscape, thus making its place in 2010 Hot List created by Conde Nast Traveller. This resort has redefined privacy and space by creating only 203 suites and rooms. Every room is equipped with a private sea view and terrace and is a blend of authentic Sicilian decoration with modern amenities. The resort has huge golf courses, six tennis courts, a fully functional gymnasium, and a 60m swimming pool. The whole resort is set amidst a backdrop of lemon and olive groves.

Verdura Spa is the most unique of all the spas and a lovely destination for all those people looking for a deep relaxation. It has four thalassotherapy pools for giving you the ultimate repose with their wide-ranging treatment options and customized well being programmes.


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