A One Room Wonder Down Under: The Moog Hotel, Sydney, Australia

I’ve stayed in everything from huge hotels in skyscrapers with thousands of rooms to mid-sized resorts with dozens of suites to a bedroom in a European family’s pensione. But I’ve never heard of a one-room hotel before.

So while Simon and Susanah Page’s Moog Hotel is called a one roomer, it’s really a suite of rooms with its own music studio, an outdoor plunge swimming pool with current and underwater speakers, large gym, spa, and glass waterfall wall dividing it from the public Moog cocktail bar next door.

And these rooms are pretty, yet gaudy, with funky furniture like a gigantic crimson Edra Flap couch, burnished slate and red carpet on the floors, and glass walls with colorful edges.

If you want to stay here, you should also reserve the hotel’s butler and the chauffeured Jaguar because its Surry Hills location in the Darlington Hurst quarter is quite a ways from the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, et.al.

It ain’t cheap, either: $990 AU per night including limo transfers or three-night packages from $2,450. But you can always have bragging rights by saying you booked an entire bloody hotel for yourself, can’t you?

A: 413 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
T: 2 8353 8200
F: 2 8353 8203
E: [email protected]
W: Moog Hotel

[Via Concierge.com].

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