Disneyland Meets Vegas, Big Time: South China Mall, Dongguan City

If you get tired walking around your local mall or fighting the crowds during the holidays, you better sit down. The world’s largest mall, with 1,500 stores, just opened in China, offering roughly 6.5 million square feet of shopping and amusement, just north of Hong Kong in the booming factory-belt area known as Donggun City.

It’s part Disneyland because it combines Venice’s waterways with the Paris’s Arc de Triomphe and other global icons. It’s part Las Vegas because it offers a larger-than-life fantasy entertainment experience. It’s got seven shopping zones modeled on seven international cities. It’s longer than six football fields. And it’s larger than West Edmonton’s Mall or Minnesota’s Mall of America.

Read more at www.icsc.org and www.wikipedia.org.

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    i would like to get moe information about the mall
    and to know what is the best way to reach by flight or train to the mall and names of hotels near the mall
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