Diamond studded wine glass for your bar counter


Having a sip of expensive liquor from a cheap wine glass doesn’t really cut it. If you need a nice glass, then decorate your bar collection with a set of wine glasses which apparently look simple but are truly special. This wine glass is neither made out of any expensive material nor does it come from the collection of any high profile personality. However, it is embellished with exclusive artistic style at its stem.

Borosilicate is a type of glass with high thermal resistivity which fuses at 1,2000C. This exclusive luxury wine glass is made of this material with a brilliant small sized G color diamond sparkling from its stem. This 0.15 carat diamond, which has a VVS1 certification for purity, is set in its stem to bring out the true elegance of this wine glass. The height of these glasses ranges from 8.5 to 9 inches. So, to experience the real charm of drinking, add this wine glass to your bar counter at $3,750 for a single piece.

Via www.ladiesgadgets.com

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