Dealing With Teen Angst: New Teen Concierge Program, Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels have addressed the Family Vacation Travel problem: If your teen ain’t happy –– NO ONE’S Happy, by launching an innovative new service: “The Teen Concierge Program.”

How many times have you been on a family vacation and your teenager cops a “this place so sucks Tude” and you don’t know what to do. Now you can just send them over to their own concierge desk. Four Seasons hotels began hiring teenage concierges last year at their properties in Toronto, London, New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Whistler, British Columbia. The concierges are local multilingual teens, who have first-hand knowlege of the hippest and hottest happenings in their town.

For example, a New York teen concierge knows that Bloomies is not an option when your pink-haired kid asks them where to shop for clothes, and can also provide a list clubs that allow under-21 patrons.

At the Four Seasons Whistler Resort, 17-year-old concierge Ben Podborski, son of world champion skier and Olympic medalist Steve Podborski, most often gets asked, “What’s there to do other than ski?” To which he replies, “Have you been dog-sledding through the Soo Valley Wildlife Preserve, or how about doing a Ziptrek Tour… or there’s these really cool Hummer tours…”

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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