Czech Out These Spas: Part VI: Velichovky Spa’s Wellness Week for Women

Note: This is the final article in a week-long look at Czech Spas.

For the really “tired and poor huddled masses,�? there is a fantastic sounding Velichovky Spa’s Wellness Week for Women Program offered to those who believe that “to invest in their health is to invest in their well being and happiness�?… (Hey, can’t do any worse than my stock market investments.)

I have not personally checked out this area because it’s in Velichovky, which is about 90 minutes east of Prague. Spa Velichovky, made up of a group of hotels, is located in a beautiful mountainous area, which offers skiing, hiking, and biking. It also is supposed to have a great golf course.

ut the big draw is that the whole bloody week only costs about $300 (check its Website for the 2007 price list, which includes a simple room, meals, multiple spa treatments ranging from herbal bubble baths, moor packs, massages, and oxygentherapy, which is supposed to regenerate the brain cells and “forces thinking for many months, often it could be a year.�? Lot cheaper than going to college!

Now, after reviewing all my notes, I have a serious crook in my neck…. Hmmm –– think I better check out Velichovky.

Caption: Bathe in special Velichovky moor soil, which contains approximately 52% calcium carbonate. Suitable for patients who suffer from juncture, muscle or spine disorders.

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