Come to Amanwana for a traditional Balinese experience


The peaceful forest, Amanwana is a perfect hideaway in the midst of the wilderness and untouched nature where seclusion and tranquility are the only things that guests can enjoy, apart from the flecks of water waves of the warm Flores Sea. Amanwana is the only resort in the heart of natural surroundings in Moyo Island in the eastern region of Bali. Guests are allowed to stay in the luxury tents which are scattered on the beach to give a perfect island mood and lifestyle to the guests. The entire surrounding of the resort is decorated with waterfalls and a wildlife sanctuary, and as the guests reach the island by air, the indigenous rusa deer here welcome them. The tropical forest shelters the 20 tents which are built on a solid foundation with wooden structures. The canvas ceilings are dual protected to make it waterproof. Coral stones are also used to enhance the natural look of the tents. The interiors are embellished with traditional Indonesian artwork.


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