Cherryland: Schutt’s Apple Mill, Rochester, NY

Rochester, New York’s third biggest city, is known for a number of things: bitter winters, Eastman Kodak, white hot dogs (I call them albino dogs), garbage plates (more on that in a later posting), and summer festivals including the Clothesline Festival. But the city is also known for its many nearby farms.

Just a 20-minute ride from downtown Rochester is Schutt’s Apple Mill, a Huckleberry-Finn styled farm that sells apples, cider and cheese. But come spring, it is also a cherry-picking paradise.

On a recent day, I joined a bunch of international students from the University of Rochester on a cherry-picking venture. First of all, I love cherries, but sadly the fruit have become almost as expensive as filling a gas tank.

Now for some good news: Here at Schutt’s, they are a mere $1.75 a pound, and mostly black, plump and sweet. The tricky part is actually getting to the cherries. Anyone suffering from fear of heights should just forget about it; it takes climbing up a ladder or up a tree to get to the sweetest cherries. Being a big chicken and not trusting the ladder, I was lucky enough to discover some sweet long-hanging fruit though.

Schutt’s is awesome in that there’s much more than cherries. It has a sprawling food and gift shop area loaded with goodies, including homemade jellies, jams, salsa, candies, baked goods, and a Schutt speciality called “apple frost,? an apple-flavored milkshake-ice cream and slushy hybrid. And if you’re sick of cherries, Schutt’s also offers raspberry, apple and pumpkin picking with the change of seasons.

Posted by Amy Wu on July 11, 2006 in Food

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  1. Barry
    Barry says:

    I live 45 minutes from Rochester and never knew about Schutt’s. Thank you for the tip.

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