Chef Andrew Carmellini Appointed at Greenwich Hotel’s Ago

Chef Andrew Carmellini is the new person who will take charge of the kitchen at Greenwich Hotel. That is what one of owner of the hotel, Richard Born said. The restaurant Ago was in a state of trouble. With the new chef, the restaurant will reopen sometime in early spring. The new restaurant is unnamed but it will have an Italian concept.

Earlier the chef was working with A Voce. His entry to Greenwich hotel will surely mark a welcome change. Did you know that one of the partners of the hotel and the restaurant is Robert DeNiro? Thus, expectations were very high when it opened in April. Ago attracted big crowds but there was disappointment. Frank Bruni, The Times’s restaurant critic gave Ago bad rating with no stars. According to Bruni the restaurant did not “concentrate its energies on quality or consistency.” He reported service in almost farcical terms. Find about more about the restaurant here.

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