Charles & Camilla’s Royal Visit: Point Reyes Station, CA

I fear I’m being stalked by Charles, the Prince of Wales, and Camilla, the Dunchess of Cornwall…

First, last December, they sat two rows from me at “The Producers” in London’s West End.

But yesterday, they visited the small town of Point Reyes Station in western Marin County, north of the San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, 30 minutes from my home.

If this keeps up, perhaps I’ll need a restraining order to keep the royals away.

They visited the small town’s Farmer’s Market, then strolled into The Old Western Saloon for a pint of beer. They followed that with a meeting with Warren Weber and his wife Amy at their organic farm in the nearby town of Bolinas, then lunch with a group of local farmers.

Everyone said that Charles was a regular Prince Chaming and that Camilla was quite lovely, as well. Saturday night, they stayed at the romantic and secluded B & B, Manka’s Inverness Lodge, on a small inlet of the Pacific Ocean and enjoyed an organic dinner last night. They’ll remain in the San Francisco Bay Area through Tuesday.

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