Cerralvo Island Offers Great Vacation Options in Private Island


If you want to go for a luxurious holiday in some remote exotic island, then Cerralvo Island is the place to be in. The island is located near the Gulf of California and is not known to many people. The awesome bounty of nature that is rugged and undeveloped will surely attract you.

Cerralvo Island is an undeveloped terrain that spreads across the 60 long miles. The rocky landscape of the island lends it an attractive look. The place was a former volcano. It is beautifully positioned in the Cerralvo Channel, in the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Baja Mexico. The water surrounding the island is just perfect for fishing activities. This huge private island could accommodate a lot of immense mansions and you still would never be able to see your neighbors. This sandy beach, warm Mexican weather and sunshine of the island offers you privacy, yet is only just 30 miles away from the mainland. To own this place you might need to spend whopping $35,000,000 USD.

Via: Weburbanist.com

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