Turning Cars Into A Green Utility: Zipcar

If you don’t want the expense of owning a car, the pain of filling it with gas or a cheaper way of getting around than a taxi, rent a www.zipcar.com. Now available in eight US cities — with 13 more to come soon (including Vancouver, B.C.) –– this unique, sustainable idea prices cars like a utility on the “pay as you use it” model.

Zipcars are in your neighborhood from Boston to San Francisco. Choose MINIs, VWs and more. Rent by the hour (about $7.25) or day ($51 with value pricing in SF, for example). Plus, the price includes gas, insurance and parking. Reserve online, walk a block or two and drive away.

And when you join, you’ll even get a $50 deposit of free driving time. Check it out at www.zipcar.com.

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