Caveat Emptor – Dodgy Awards

The better educated we become as consumers, the less likely we are to spend a pretty penny on a dud. Some wine marketers fall into temptation, seeing how any mention of an award makes their bottles move off the shelf faster. Here’s another article on how to identify “gold medals” that don’t mean anything at all. The Sunday Mail QLD: Duped by dodgy wine medals [01may05]

One Response to Caveat Emptor – Dodgy Awards

  1. Craig Camp says:

    As a long-time wine sales professional, I must say no one seems to care about gold medals or medals of any type anymore. Twenty years ago they mattered, but not now. All power is concentrated in The Wine Advocate and The Wine Spectator. We don’t even enter in medal competitions anymore as they just don’t generate results. In fact, it is almost embarrassing to use medals as POS if you are serious about your wines and winemaking.

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