Yo Dude…Wanna Take in a little Ranch Action


Dude ranches have been offering city slickers a wild west experience for years, but raising the bar to new standards is Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch. Voted Canada’s Best Dude Ranch,  Three Bars Ranch is located in the gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, between Banff Park and Glacier Park.

The owners, the Beckley family; Jeff, April, Tyler, Jenna and Jesse invite you to come  join them ( and their 110 horses) to experience the ultimate in  horseback riding, hiking, river rafting, mountain bikes, fly fishing, tennis, heated pool, hot tub, and fitness facility.

Your ranch adventure is all inclusive and includes  accommodations, three meals a day and your activity schedule.

***Plus if you sign up now you can take advantage of the weak Canadian Dollar: $1890 CDN = $ 1485.71 US

AND they are throwing in Free Cowboy Boots and Hat-a $325.00 value-so you won’t look like a dude, until you  climb on the wrong side of the horse.

For more info: www.ThreeBarsRanch.com

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