Can Pom and Wine Make A Good Punch?

Many people are not quite fond of drinking wine cocktails such as Sangrias regularly or often but you can try out this recipe, just on an experimental basis. Anyone who shares a liking in a glass of red wine daily, may like to try this out. Even those who do not like to drink dry red wine may try this.

Take one part of Pom pomegranate juice and add it to three parts of dry white or red wine. Instead of Pom pomegranate juice, you can also try using Pom pomegranate-cherry juice. A good choice for red wine would be Spanish Grenache and in case of dry white wine you can opt for Australian Riesling wine.

The red punch that you get in the end is 10% alcohol. It has a slightly sweet and fruity flavor, which you will like for sure. Similarly the white punch too has a lively and fruity flavor and is lightly sweet.


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