Add a Piece of Diamond to Her Vodka


Imagine your perfect date transformed into a dream with the most expensive and luxurious vodka being poured to her glass and you can see her eyes dazzled to know that the vodka is a diamond filtered one. Diamond Standard Vodka presented by Diamond Beverages, LLC, is creating a havoc at the international markets. This is presently ruling as the world’s most expensive vodka and will be launched in the major cities of U.S.

The best nightclubs, restaurants and hotels along the South Beach, think Prime 112, Mokai and the Fountainebleau will serve you with this exclusive brand of vodka. The Polmos Siedlce Distillery in Poland produces this unique Diamond Standard Vodka.

Refined Polish rye and pure aquifer water is used for distillation of this brand of vodka. Lastly they are filtered through 600 DeBeers diamonds for at least 7 days at a stretch. To add to your excitements the Diamond Standard Vodka is bottled in Saverglass, including a 25 mm Swarovski crystal hanging over the bottle. This adds to the price of this branded vodka.


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