Burning My Fingers in Boston

There are an enormous amount of food blogs popping up online. Came across one today that put a smile on my face, Burning My Fingers in Boston. The brains behind the operation is Shaun Chavis “former TV news producer who’s just sure that cooking is easier than saving a newscast when all the live shots crap out two minutes before the red light goes on” who received her certificate at the Boston University’s Culinary Program. Here are a few gems she learned while at the Institute:

* the chef is always right.
* three different ways to chop garlic. All of them are “the” right way – depending on who the chef is.
* the best knife you can have is a sharp one.
* you can do a lot with 10 bucks. And a pantry.
* organization (mise en place) saves SO much time. Martha’s really on to something!
* with the right know-how, foods that seem ordinary and boring can really be spectacular.
* you can never have enough kitchen towels around.
* it’s just as fun cooking with friends as it is eating with friends. (Maybe more fun.)
* who you share a meal with is just as important as cooking the meal.

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