Birkenstock Sandals – Going Strong Since 1973

birkenstock sandlesBirkenstock sandals are synonymous with comfort. The sandals have a long history, dating back two centuries. The quality of the shoes is outstanding, providing excellent quality and time-tested endurance. The sandals have evolved over time, but the product has maintained a strong following for many, many years.

The Birkenstocks as we know them today were designed in the early 1970’s. This design is known as the Birkenstock Arizona introduced to the public in 1973. You can still purchase the original 1973 designs three decades later. This attests to the sandals’ quality. A pair of Birkenstock sandals has the reputation for elevating a lot of the stress caused by the weight and pressure we put on our feet every day. This is because of the sandal’s unique design.

The Birkenstock Arizona designs have many appealing features that may be the reasons behind the shoes’ triumph over time. The sandals insure equal weight distribution by using the well-known arch support. In addition, the sole of the sandals are lightweight and they absorb a lot of the shock when the wearer takes a step. The raised toe bar helps the wearer grip onto the shoe effortlessly and it improves circulation. In contrast, the designers created a deep heel bed to mimic the natural shape of the foot.

For those who like a heel strap, the designers of the Birkenstocks created the Milano line. The Birkenstock Milano is designed with the same exact features found in the Arizona but they have a strap added to the back of the sandals for those who prefer them. The heel strap provides extra support for those who wear the shoes very often.

The makers of the Birkenstock sandal have developed shoes designed especially for women. It is rare to find an attractive, comfortable shoe in women’s styles. The Birkenstock Women’s ‘Gizch Batik’ Sandals aspire to meet this need for attractive comfort. The Gizch Batik is a relatively new sandal. It provides all of the quality and comfort along with the appealing features found in the Arizona and the Milano but the Gizch Batik have a very feminine design that can be worn in most places.

The sandals are usually made of leather, but the makers have introduced a new line of Birkenstocks that use no animal products. The Birko-flor appeals to people who do not want to use animal products. The company developed a sandal that has the same features of the original Birkenstocks out of other materials. These sandals are lighter and smoother that their leather counterparts. Some find this to be preferable to the heavier original.

Today, Birkenstock sandals have trademark arch supports and footbeds that contour to the wearer’s feet. Konrad Birkenstock, who originated the sandals, invented the first flexible arch support. He invented the cork and latex footbed used in many shoes today. Many companies have followed the Birkenstock tradition, but few have been able to match the quality and performance found in the original.

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