Astounding amount of $40,000 paid for sparkling Apple iPod Shuffle

ap_diamond_ipod_080319_sshA simple iPod Shuffle from Apple costs $50. But when this music player reached the hands of the famous jewelry designer from Norway, Thomas Heyerdahl, this simple $50 item transformed into an expensive designer piece which sold for $40,000! What was so special about this electronic gadget that transformed this simple $50 Apple iPod to such an expensive MP3 player?  He gave his magic touch of gold and dazzling diamonds to this 1GB iPod. This exclusive iPod is made of 18 carat pink and white gold and the same elements are used to make its headphones. The entire gold body of this music player is encrusted with 430 sparkling diamonds, and the headphones are studded with 118 diamonds. In London, it was auctioned at an exclusive price of $40,000 for a charity. So, if you really want to enjoy music in luxurious style, get in touch with Thomas Heyerdahl to get yourself a diamond edition iPod Shuffle.


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