Petrus Pomerol One of the Hot Favorites of the White House

People love to have wine, it is a liquor that is used to celebrate any event and occasion, and real wine lovers found that the taste of Petrus Pomerol 1998 is just awesome. It is also hot favorite among people who love to add newer wine to their wine cellar.

During the tenure of President Kennedy at the White House, this Merlot was one of the favorite wines of the presidents and he love to serve it to the guests. The official name of this wine is Chateau Petrus. However, “Petrus” is the name that is branded on its label. The grapes that are used to prepare this wine are usually harvested early and left to mature gradually. Its fruity flavor with the hints of berries, mocha, vanilla, and oak come from it. Its rich purple texture gives it a smooth finish. We need to wait to get the real flavor of this truly exquisite vintage wine. It should reach maturity after the year 2012.


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