Flawless – Christmas Cocktail For the Elites


A posh London nightclub has launched one of the most expensive Christmas cocktail named Flawless to cater to the elites of the society. You need to prepare for the whopping price tag of US $ $71,000 and £35,000 . The ingredients of this famous cocktail includes Louis XIII cognac, Cristal Rose champagne, angostura bitters and brown sugar. The ingredients do not appears to be attractive enough. These ingredients are those you will certainly expect in a pricey cocktail. The 24-karat gold leaf flakes are not anything unusual to justify such a high price tag.

Maybe it is the 11-carat white diamond ring that you will be able to tract at the bottom of the crystal glass in which you will be served this amazing cocktail is the reason for the pricey price tag of Flawless. If you are prepared to shell out those quite a few thousand bucks, then go ahead and taste it.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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