Anyone Know Any Rich Sugar Daddies That Like Tall Redheads???

I’ve been busy trying to make a dent in the pile of mail that stacked up while I was braving the record rainstorms in New York City. (It was quite a challenge trying to find a cab in time to make an 8:00 curtain, during a freezing cold torrential downpour — more on my New York trip coming soon.)

And as I was separating the junk from not quite so junky mail, I came across My Dream Trip!

Remote Lands Asian Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for “Passionate Epicures and Insatiable Travelers” to explore Asia in unparalleled luxury. Pencil in the dates, October 13-26th, 2007 if any of the following sound tempting:

• All flights will be on a private jet with 40 first class seats.
• Your guides will be New York Magazine’s “Insatiable Critic” and best selling author, Gale Greene and the prestigious award -winning travel writer and Asia expert, Simon Winchester.
• You will wine and dine your way through five very different countries and cultures: China, Bhutan, India, Burma, and Thailand.

And you won’t be nickeled and dimed every step of the way since the price includes everything, from gratuities to donations for Asian charities. And all this is yours for under $50,000… the actual retail price is only $49,950, so you’ll have enough left over for a cab to the airport.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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