A Wealthy Gift for a Wealthy Consumer


If you are renovating your house with all kinds of expensive items, then nothing can be better than Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition. Stuart Hughes, the British designer of Goldstriker International, in collaboration with Metz, an electronic company in Germany, created this spectacular electronic device for elegant and rich consumers. This television is quite costly; it comes with a price tag of $2,250,000 million. Hughes is known for his exceptional creations with mainly, electronic gadgets and items.

This stunning television set with 55” screen is made from 28 kg solid rose gold of 18 carat. Its outer frame is decorated with 72 carat of flawless diamonds brilliantly cut in a round shape. The golden frame consists of hundreds of amethysts and sunstones. The skin of an alligator is hand-sewn in its inner frame. There is another set of Prestige HD Supreme Television which is a little more affordable than this set, as it contains lesser quantity of gold and diamonds.

Via: www.worldamazingrecords.com

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