The 25 Most Expensive Gifts in History

Our fellow bloggers at Bootstrapper sent us this story about the 25 most expensive gifts in the history of mankind.

It’s enjoyable reading about gifts that are totally outrageous, impossibly indulgent, and a bit overpriced.

They include:
• A Bombardier Global Express XRS Executive Jet for $48 million
• A Stradivarius Violin for $3.5 million
• A $17,625 Bottle of Champagne
• A Bugatti Veyron for $1.7 million
• Neil Lane 15-Carat Diamond Earrings for $750,000
• A Baby Shiloh 3-Carat White Diamond Pacifier for $17,000
• And the World’s Most Expensive Diamond for $7.98 million

Read the story.

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