A Hybrid Luxury Smart Phone By Ulysse Nardin

You may have heard of Ulysse Nardin. Anyone who is fond of wearing luxurious watches must have heard of this name. The latest news is that Ulysse Nardin is moving a step forward from making watches to manufacturing phones. Many people cannot comprehend why they have got into watch making. However, the company has plans of going the green way.

This famous Swiss watchmaker has recently made a business alliance with SCI Innovations, a European firm, in order to make a hybrid smart phone known as Chairman. This Chairman hybrid smart phone also comes with watch DNA and it makes use of kinetic energy technology. This technology is generally used to provide power to timepieces.

This smartphone is inherently a green phone and it has been stated that it features a pack of different components, which none have seen before in any other smart phone. That makes it so different from the crowd.

Via bornrich.org

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