Natural and homemade flavors in The Moody Goose


The tranquil atmosphere of the main building of The Old Priory Hotel in Bath flows into the beautiful environment of its restaurant, The Moody Goose where emphasis on quality, flavor and warm hospitality and service is always maintained. The owner of this hotel, Stephen is the main chef of this restaurant who has been serving in this kitchen for the last 26 years. His expert preparations change according to the seasons and the menu reflects delicious seasonal cuisine. Modern British cuisine is the main focus in this eating hub. There are two dining rooms where up to 22 diners can sit and relax while relishing the mouthwatering seasonal preparations. Both formal and informal dining arrangements are offered here for business and family parties respectively. Many gourmets have appreciated the natural and homemade flavors of ice-creams, petits fours and breads here. Some of the best preparations here are crab salad flooded with tomato sorbet and mayonnaise, wood pigeon and various other chicken preparations.


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