A Crewmember Pushed Out Traveler from First-Class Seat

US Airways LogoThis incident is about Denyse Sadkin, who was traveling along with her husband. They had purchased two first-class tickets on US Airways to travel to Buffalo from St. Thomas. They were entitled to have first class seats. That is what they thought. However, the airline forced one of then to an economy class seat.

What was the explanation behind that? Well they had to do this in order to find a seat for one of their crewmember. The Sadkin family had redeemed for their flights about120,000 frequent flier miles. They were extremely unhappy with what happened and did not like their new seats. The next thing that they did was asked the US Airways to change their route. You can guess what happened after that. The reaction of the US Airways was to refuse. Ultimately, the family had to pay about $1,500 to American Airlines for a roundabout flight via Boston back to Buffalo. Click here for the full story.

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  1. I’m travel agent and in my experience with most legacy airlines recently, their regard for doing the ‘right thing’ doesn’t exist. Not sure why or when they lost it. Well I have a few ideas. All of vendor groups I’ve dealt with in my long career, these guys clearly win the loser prize.

    Just read Travel Weekly, the main trade pub in the US and you’ll the stories where USAirways, Delta (particularly) consistently do the wrong thing. USAirways management has shown total lack on interest from what I can tell in even giving the idea of caring.


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