Pricey Yachts: Spend a Lavish Time Amidst the Seas


Owning a splendid yacht is one of the best ways to spending a royal holiday amidst the seas and in the company of your close friends. Some of the most pricey and luxury yachts make your dreams of spending an expensive holiday a reality. The Le Grand Bleu is one of the expensive classes of yacht worth $90 million.

This grand Le Grand Bleu measuring 370-foot was actually a gift to Eugene Shvidler. One of the popular names in the realm of luxury yachts is Tatoosh. Priced at $100 million is the prized possession of Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft.

The private yacht of Annaliesse is worth $103 million and is capable of accommodating approximately 3 dozen guests. This mega-yacht has its own spa, salon, library, play area for kids and a movie theater. Alysia worth $116 million has an exclusive 1,300 square-foot master stateroom featuring a private deck,marble decked bathroom, jacuzzi, and California king-size bed.


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