53 Places to Go Next Year :: The New York Times

Denny Lee of the esteemed New York Times Travel Section has just created a wonderful list of 53 exotic locales, luxury hotels, waterfront nightclubs, sun-splashed beaches, and challenging ski resorts across the globe.

Will you trek to #1 in Laos to view ancient temples from a chaise lounge overlooking an infinity pool? Will you journey to #11, Hvar, the St. Tropez of Croatia? Or will you brave the horrid heat of #8, Death Valley, California?

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3 Responses to 53 Places to Go Next Year :: The New York Times

  1. Viaggi lusso says:

    Wow Tuscany is always present. I’m surprised by Tunisia. a lot of North Africa places in this list.

  2. katy says:

    Wow, I’m surprised….it’s a list that actually covers the far flung places I wise I could go to. And I’ve only made it to two places on that list. Not likely to hit the others this year either – maybe vegas for a shot-gun wedding?

    this list of about five of America’s healthiest cities looks more like something that I could achieve in a year – especially if I only did long weekends at each.

  3. yikes..I think of myself as pretty well traveld but i haven’t even been to 1/2 of the places on the list–gotta get busy. But some of the picks are a bit strange..I mean, no offense, but Detroit?????

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