Visit a City with the Highest Cost of Living


If you are willing to stay in a new and expensive city, then choosing Tokyo will be an apt choice. Tokyo ranks at the top in the list of “pricey cities”. This city is marked as world’s high-priced city by ECA International. This ranking is made by considering some of the familiar comforts like dining in restaurants, movies, branded items, which are generally a costly affair.

Tokyo is the world’s leading metropolitan city in terms of economy and population. You are to experience a very high cost of living, for instance, an apartment with two bedrooms costs more than $5,000 in Tokyo. You would require greater amount of pocket money than any other big cities. Many international companies do business in this costly city and so you can expect to get a high paid job. If you wish to go for a movie, you have to spend $22 bucks for a ticket. The location of this luxury city, Tokyo, makes it further more costly!


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