19th century lifestyle still waits for you at Othahuna Lodge


Located in one of the most historic settings of New Zealand, the exclusive retreat, Othahuna Lodge is built on a colonial mansion built in 1895 in a secluded valley in South Island. It is an exclusive and intimate destination for guests who want to explore the real beauty of New Zealand. The private 30 acres property of the lodge houses the 110 year old well maintained gardens along the lawn. In spring every year, guests are welcomed with the swaying of millions of daffodils along the private lake of the retreat. The lodge houses only seven accommodations for its guests, featuring 2 lavish master suites and 5 exquisite suites to promote privacy and seclusion to the guests so that they can enjoy their intimacy in a tranquil atmosphere. All the 7 accommodations are still decorated in a 19th century style with ornate fireplaces, stained glass windows and twisted inglenooks.

Via www.otahuna.co.nz

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  1. If you are looking for the touch of elegance of classical times, for your holiday stay; then this lounge is the perfect choice. This place is like heaven on earth and makes one feel like being at home. It has a spirit of serenity in its environment. Service and staff are outstanding. It is a place worth paying for. During my stay, I was served with a delicious combination of 5-course meal. I loved this place so much, that I decided to extend my stay in New Zealand.

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