Airline Fashion Statements: Potential Uniform Profits

From USA Today: A half-dozen international airlines –– including British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air France, Air Canada, and Korean Air –– are spending millions on high-profile designers and billions to revamp uniforms for thousands of flight attendants, all to revive a nearly dormant industry tradition.

Christian Dior, Bill Blass and Calvin Klein once dressed the industry’s high-flying attendants. But “today, airlines are turning to Christian Lacroix, a premier Paris designer, and Richard Tyler, a Los Angeles-based designer who has dressed Julia Roberts and two Desperate Housewives. They’re creating suits, coats and dresses, as well as shoes, hats and handbags.”

The airlines’ collective philosophy is that flight attendants are their most visible form of branding. So they’re revamping their images to appeal to frequent fliers, fashion critics, and the media. Even Celine Dion is pictured in an Air Canada uniform to push their brand. (Yeah, like she’d wear those kind of clothes!)

Read the whole story: Airlines hope new fashions make financial statement –– and check out the Photo Gallery.

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