18 carat pure gold Golden Stick; an expensive USB flash drive from White Lake


Most computer users are familiar with pen drives but how many are rich enough to possess a golden pen drive from White Lake which has a price tag of $2,880 to $3,550? The manufacturer of this flash drive has named this exclusive (and one of the expensive) storage device Golden Stick. This is a luxury USB flash drive made of either 14 or 18 carat pure gold and encrusted with five glittering diamonds. For pen drives without diamonds, the price is $2,885 and for the diamond studded ones, the price peaks at $3,550. This golden storage medium can store data, audio and video files up to 4GB. With the advancement of technology, its storage capacity is nothing in comparison to other ordinary pen drives, but wealthy people are happy to have a Golden Stick in their possession and White Lake is among the few proud manufacturers of this accessory.

Via www.gizmag.com

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  1. ritul shah says:

    how many price.?& how to purchase pen drive? ur contect number ?

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