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Category | Food

Tom Colicchio`s Heritage Steak :: Las Vegas

By Ava Stochinsky on March 07, 2015Comments (0)

This is my Vegas go-to restaurant. The menu is not overdone, i.e. good selection but not so large that the kitchen is in mass production mode. We ordered a 8oz A5 Wagyu strip to share as an app. One bite and it ruined any other steak I will ever eat again. Recommend any of the […] read more»

Ship Out To Kimpton Hotel Group’s Argonaut Hotel :: San Francisco

By Janice Nieder on March 05, 2014Comments (0)

Good evening, folks. This is your Captain speaking. Whether you’re a sophisticate, sporty type, or just a small fry, we recommend you set your course for San Francisco’s Fisherman Wharf and drop anchor for a few nights at the Argonaut Hotel. Run by those stellar life-style know-it-alls at the Kimpton Hotel Group you’re gonna love […] read more»

Savor the Sumptuous Dining at Se San Diego Hotel

By Ava Stochinsky on February 01, 2014Comments (1)

Your stay in Se San Diego reaches a new height with the heavenly dining experience amidst a brand new world of culinary delights. Among the in-house restaurants, one of the popular haven for the foodies is the Suite & Tender. This eating outlet provides you with a succulent experience of some of the best steaks […] read more»

The 7 Question Interview – Chef Derek France- The Drafting Table – Atlanta, GA

By Ava Stochinsky on January 22, 2014Comments (0)

A huge thank you to Chef France for taking the time to answer our questions. He is the head chef at a a relatively new gastropub in Atlanta. Well worth a visit. He also matched 3 out of 5 of my favorite ingredients (I would of left out the ginger and duck). What is your […] read more»

Pub Grub with Two Michelin Stars – Marlow,UK

By Ava Stochinsky on December 15, 2013Comments (0)

This is unheard of for a pub to have one Michelin start, let alone two. If you are looking for a Sommelier to be hovering around you’ll be disappointed. You will have to cross the pond and head to the picturesque town of Marlow, to the Hand and Flower pub. I first came across this […] read more»

The 7 Question Interview – Chef Bruce Sherman- The North Pond Restaurant – Chicago, IL

By Ava Stochinsky on December 14, 2013Comments (0)

I don`t think there is a more picturesque setting for a restaurant in Chicago. We feel very fortunate that their head Chef, Bruce Sherman, took the time to answer our questions. What is your earliest memory of loving food? Comfort food comes to mind – braised lamb shanks at around seven years old, potato-stuffed veal […] read more»

The Best Chocolate & Gelato in Barcelona: Vioko

By Gil Zeimer on July 26, 2013Comments (0)

Last summer, we had the pleasure of a walking tour in Barcelona led by our American friend, Phil Siegel. After a lengthy lunch of tapas and sangria, we were hot and we were hungry for something sweet. He promptly took us to his favorite locale for both chocolate AND gelato: Vioko. This beautifully decorated store […] read more»

The 7 Question Interview – Chef Ed Cooney – Merrion Hotel

By Ava Stochinsky on June 23, 2013Comments (0)

We had the pleasure of dining at the Cellar, at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin last October. It was indeed one of the highlights of our trip. Our newest feature will be us turning the tables and learning a bit more about the some of our favorite chefs. Chef Cooney was kind enough to answer […] read more»