The Alligator Pear Sandwich

The Alligator Pear is the English term for Avocado. When I recently found these words in a culinary dictionary, I simply thought it was so cool that I thought I had to share one of my favorite Pear sandwiches with you. Oh so very easy to make, if you were to shut your eyes, you would think that you were in a 5-star Gourmet Restaurant, instead of at home listening to music, reading a book or just watching the boob tube. This is a fabulous sandwich to take on a picnic too; especially if you want to impress your date with your Culinary skills. Hey, it worked for a friend of mine, his date married him 6 months later.

Serves 2
4 slices of fresh pumpernickel
1 large alligator pear/avocado sliced into 8 slices
8 ounces of triple creme Brie Cheese, rind gently removed
4 thin slices of tomato, (optional)
2 handfuls of spicy sprouts, (optional)

1. Spread the Brie Cheese evenly over 2 slices of the bread
2. Layer Cheese with the Alligator pear slices, 4 slices per, then the tomato if using , then the sprouts.
3. Top with additional bread slices and press together gently.

A. Melt the cheese prior to adding the remaining ingredients. To do so, place in a toaster oven on top brown only, or briefly under the broiler.
B. Substitute tomato with cucumber slices and add a thin slice of red onion.
C. Add 1/4 pound of sliced turkey, salami or roast beef.

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