A Shave & A Haircut, With Style & Pampering: Mr., The Barbershop, SF

My friend America recently met these two guys –– Kumi and Sean –– owners of Mr., The Barbershop which opened today in San Francisco. She was very impressed. There is nothing this snazzy and swanky in SF for metrosexuals seeking a high-end, super accommodating and stylish barbershop.

This definitely is not the type of neighborhood barbershop I was dragged to as a lad. This one’s got giant flat screen TVs, plush decor, a fully stocked bar, shoe shines, cappuccinos, and more from two Stanford University grad students. You can get choose a monthly membership program and they’re also planning on hosting some intimate parties for everyone from high net worth guys to men with taste for being pampered, man-style.

A: 560 Sacramento Street, San Francisco.
T: 415-291-8812.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on March 09, 2007 in Shopping

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  1. paul rodgers
    paul rodgers says:

    I was in there sounds all good and all but how can you get your haircut or shave for that matter with so little light??

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