Make Your Stunning Engagement Party Complete With a Beautiful Blue Diamond Ring

It is often said that diamonds are girls’ best friend. However, in a way they are the worst enemy of a man! But not always! To make up with your partner, nothing can be better than a diamond as a gift. I feel that this is the best way to patch up!! You must have heard about blue diamonds. It is the World’s only naturally colored diamond. It is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties.

This blue diamond ring will cost you around $16.26 million. This oval-shaped diamond ring with triangular-shaped diamonds on its both sides make it look simply stunning. There are even smaller diamond pieces set on the band of the ring that is of 18-carat white gold. This ring makes for an ideal engagement ring as well. This will be perfect to add that extra zing to your engagement party. It costs around $1.7 million per carat. This pricey ring will certainly attract attention of many in the party.


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