Wining Redefined with the Expensive French Wine- Pétrus


Pétrus, for ages has continued to maintain the legacy of being one of the most priced wines of France. If you belong to the league of brand and class lovers then you might just want to own a brand new Petrus vintage priced at $1,000, which is in fact, the minimum price.

Located in Pomerol, Bordeaux, Pétrus red wine traces its name from the Pétrus winery. Pétrus remained a secret with Mrs. Loubat for almost 20 years. She had inherited the winery but it was Jean-Pierre Mouex, the wine merchant, who publicized the magic of Pétrus. Since 1945, Pétrus has continued to enamor and attract wine lovers worldwide.

Merlot grape is the prime ingredient used for manufacturing the costly red wine of Pétrus. Pétrus gained major acclaim as Mrs. Loubat presented this wine for the wedding purpose of Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinborough, Philip. The story of success of Pétrus led to its reputation as the most extraordinary wine of the Kennedy’s.


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