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Nothing from the wine industry goes to waste in Brad Evans’ world. He makes lazy susans from cabernet-stained wine barrel bottoms; serving trays from the barrel tops; votive candle holders and coat racks from the curved barrel slats; trays, tables, storage bins, planters, stools and even dog dish holders from the wooden crates in which bottles of wine are packed.

Judging by a recent arts festival at a Colorado resort, his relatively new wine barrel products get the most attention. The barrel bottoms are turned into beautifully tinted, large lazy-susans or handled serving trays. The barrel tops, with their burned-in or stamped-on vineyard and winery logos are made into the same products.

A barrel’s upright slats are turned into a variety of racks, but the most interesting products are the votive candle-holders. Large and small, convex and concave, the slats hold several candles that, when lit, reflect the wine stains on the wood, giving the surrounding area a soft pink glow.

Wooden wine crates are turned into a variety of functional conversation pieces, some lightly stained, others more natural with a light seal and varnish. Serving trays and cheese boards are made in a variety of sizes displaying the end panels of crates from California and French wineries.

Classy canines can enjoy their kibble in food and water stands made of entire crates. What Labrador wouldn’t want to drink from a Latour?

Alpine Wood Works year-old operation in Golden, Colorado, requires plenty of trips to Napa to buy used barrels and a constant scouring of local wine shops for empty wooden crates. Friends and even strangers donate the thousands of corks Evans uses in his table tops, trays and cork (of course) boards.

His woodworking career started when he made himself a guitar at age 16. A young adulthood of travel associated with a music and acting career nurtured his affection for wine and the wine-making process and revulsion for the wastefulness of the wood industry. He is adamant about using only recycled and reclaimed products and turning them into unique functional, stylish, responsible home décor.

Prices range from $50 for a wine-crate tray to $100 for a large dog dish holder and upwards for full wine storage stands and larger items.

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  1. Hudin says:

    This could really unfold in to a new dimension of what it is to be considered a Biodynamic Winemaker!

  2. Winepine says:

    Alpine Wine Design pieces are superb. Brad is a master at designing unique things out of wooden wine crates, boxes and barrels. The workmanship is outstanding!

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