Wi-Fi Going Sky High :: Alaska Airlines & Row 44 Broadband

If you’re as frustrated as I am with slow –– or no –– Internet connections while you fly, here’s some great news! Alaska Airlines will be the first U.S. carrier to test a satellite-based in-flight wireless Internet service on one plane in 2008. Depending on how well the test goes, it may roll out to all of its 114 planes.

The broadband service from Seattle-based Row 44 Inc. will be tried on a Boeing 737 jet in Spring 2008. It supposedly works over water and across international borders, so it may very well work on Alaska’s flights to the 49th and 50th states, plus Canada and Mexico.

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled phone or computer with a wireless card, you can connect through hot spots on the plane. Pricing options are being explored, from free for certain passengers to a one-day pass.

By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Editor-in-Chief.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on October 03, 2007 in Shopping, Travel

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