Why Ferry When You Can Fly?: Kenmore Air, Seattle, WA

Every day over Lake Union in Seattle, there’s an unmistakeable local spectacle best viewed from the grassy hills of Gasworks Park. A seaplane flies in from the north gliding lower and lower over the water, sail and motorboats be damned, and touches down in a tumble of foam as it taxis into harbour.

Any local has seen this time after time, but when you look at the details, booking a flight with Kenmore Air makes a whole lot more sense than taking the ferry to places like Victoria, or the San Juan Islands. It’s a perfect detour on your Seattle getaway.

To the San Juans, for example, a look at their flight-finder online shows a fare of $150 per person round trip. This isn’t much, considering that a round trip on the Victoria Clipper ferry line is about $100 per person. On a boat you don’t get the kind of view you get from a low-flying seaplane, or the thrill of landing on the water. It’s a lot faster, too. Kenmore Air has day trip specials to get you to Victoria B.C. and back in time for dinner. Try that on a boat.

W: www.kenmoreair.com.
T: 425.486.1257, 800.543.9595 or Corporate 866.435.9524.

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  1. Alex:

    I’m a big fan on Kenmore Air, as is my husband. There is nothing more spectacular than flying from Seattle’s Lake Union to Victoria or the San Juans … and it doesn’t take an entire day to get there. They have online specials at times, so if you’re flexible, you can save a few $$. And yes, there’s something romantic about float planes …. I’m ready to fly away again soon.

    Sue Frause

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