Whampoa Club in Bund to offer authentic Chinese dishes


Get ready with a hungry stomach and a full wallet before stepping into the gastronomic enclave of Whampoa Club in the Bund, China. With the intense flavors from the kitchen of some of the best Chinese chefs, traditional Chinese dishes arrive in the dining areas for diners with a dramatic presentation style. The dining hall allows 120 guests to taste the delicious flavours of China whereas five other areas allow 80 diners to relax while relishing Chinese tastes and enjoying the magnificent beauty of the flowing Huangpu River. Some of the best Cantonese and Shanghai preparations are served here, and each of their dishes are prepared with authentic Chinese techniques for cooking. Old fashioned smoked fish, prepared in Shanghai style, and crystal pork served in chilled condition are the two most important appetizers in this dining hub. Besides this, roasted lamb, beef, shrimp, sea fish and prawn preparations here are also very delicious. The restaurant wins the heart of every diner through its perfectly cooked food and warm hospitality.

Via www.threeonthebund.com

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