Shepherd Loaf – An Ultimate Bread High-profile Customers


Tom Herbert, a baker from Britain, has created the costliest bread in the world. The 2 kg bread comes with a staggering price of 21 pound. Truly speaking, this bread is strictly for upper strata people, you have to spend quite an amount to afford this bread. But Shepherd Loaf is a “work of art” of this baker. This bread is prepared by mixing some of the most expensive ingredients like the spring water of Cotswolds, Cornish sea salt, spelt flour from Somerset and raised it with the help of a secret sourdough recipe.

It took six months for Tom Herbert to develop this perfect loaf of bread. Each piece of Shepherd Loaf is 4” tall and measures 10 inch by 10 inch. The whole 2 kg bread is made for two days after the dough has been made from the finest ingredients. Shepherd Loaf is regarded as “The Perfect Loaf” which has successfully attracted thousands of customers. It may seem to be highly overpriced, but you can feel the difference.


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