Vivendo- Restaurant at St. Regis, Rome


Undeniably delicious with great smells – these are some of the important features that we look for in any mouth watering Italian dish. So the next time you are in Rome, step into the sophisticated environment of Vivendo restaurant. It has a number of dining areas and all these eating areas are well appointed with caring servers. This is mainly a Mediterranean styled eating hub where a seasonal item always gets priority. The restaurant has received a number of national and international awards for its mouthwatering dishes which are prepared by some of the renowned chefs in Rome. In 2006, Vivendo was chosen by Zagat as being among the top restaurants in Europe. Vivendo serves International cuisine with a special focus on authentic Italian dishes. Their Potato & Cheese Ravioli spiced with Tomatoes as well as Mint Fondue, decorated with different herbs, is something very special and unique among the other delicious vegetarian items found in this restaurant. Another great dish diners must try is the Loin of Lamb spiced with crust mustard sprinkled with a few Thyme Artichokes.


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