Villa La Cupola Suite at The Westin Excelsior, Rome comes alive with great Roman frescoes


The crowning jewel of The Westin Excelsior, Rome is its Villa La Cupola suite. Sprawling on the fifth and sixth floor of the hotel, this suite stands to be the largest among all suites in Italy. The most fascinating characteristic of this suite lies in its cupola roof that is nearly twelve meters high and absolutely hand frescoed in shades of grey, red and gold. It reflects the style of neo-classical times and Villas of Renaissance. The living room of the suite is done in Italian oak wood and is fitted with latest electronic gadgets like a comprehensive entertainment system. The dining room is decorated luxuriously with a Murano glass chandelier and a mosaic marble dining table. The suite has an exquisite range of champagnes and wines in the private wine cellar to be served to guests. The suite has its own private elevator as well as a marble staircase. It also possesses a huge Pompeian style whirlpool, steam bath, sauna, fitness room, and wide patios and terrace.


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