You enjoy royal luxury at the Copacabana Palace like its kings did earlier


Along the Atlantic coastline of Brazil, in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro nestles the most fabulous and luxurious retreat of the city, The Copacabana Palace on the Copacabana beach. This grand Mediterranean style building in South America is a landmark of this region and was once built as the meeting point for royal families. This magnificent building faces the azure blue ocean so that guests can get the pristine view of the endless legendary Atlantic Ocean through the white sandy beaches. The Main Building of this glamorous hotel houses 245 exquisite rooms and 147 elegant suites. All these accommodations open into the beach view whereas 40 guestrooms and 58 suites in the newly built Tower Wing Building which offers a view of the world famous carnival celebrating city. All the havens in both the wings are carefully decorated with lavish furniture, and the walls are decorated with original artworks to create an elegant and royal effect in this hotel’s atmosphere.


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