Valley Wing and Garden Wing: Two Gorgeous Towers Adorning the Shangri-La Hotel


The ultimate destination of unsurpassed luxury is located in the heart of the western district of Beijing. The award winning hotel, Shangri-La is the pride of Beijing which boasts of its two wings namely the Garden Wing and the Valley wing. The Garden wing consists of 528 highly decorated guestrooms revealing a touch of elegance lent by the rich Chinese culture in the spacious atmosphere. Each of the rooms offers amazing views of the landscapes of the city and the garden. The on-site 3000 sq. m. garden with the Chinese pavilions and Koi pond is a spectacular view on the site. The Valley Wing with 670 guestrooms is the latest wing in the hotel offering the highest in terms of space in its 245 sq. m. deluxe Presidential Suite. The arrival hall is totally marbled with a spacious drawing room decorated with sumptuous culinary artworks. All the guests can move up to the 12th floor to enjoy the flavors of snacks along with selected drinks in the beautiful Valley Lounge.


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