$128,000 for a pair of Nike sneakers encrusted with diamonds and other gems


$128,000 for a pair of Nike sneakers! What an exclusive price for a pair of sports shoe studded with black and white diamonds and sapphires on white gold to give an elite look to this footwear designed by the famous dancer and model of fashion industry – Luisa Di Marco.

Nike sneakers encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones are the costliest pair of men’s shoes till date, which were once worn by the famous English footballers Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Wayne Rooney. These three pairs of fashionable and luxurious shoes were sold at $623,000. Among this collection, John Terry possessed the most elegant and expensive pair which is priced at $128,000. There are a high percentage of men who have a great fascination for stylish shoes but if somebody really loves collecting stylish as well as exclusive shoes, they will really have to dig in to their wallet to afford such an expensive pair of shoes.

Via www.bornrich.com

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