Chicago’s Best Presented in a Platter


The popular city of Chicago featuring not only as a competent business center is also a great place for exploration, enjoyment and dining out. Few of the most expensive restaurants featuring their specialties like steak and a variety of culinary delights are also stationed in Chicago and they surely demand a visit from you once you are in Chicago.

Being a lover of class and style don’t miss the grand opportunity of dining at The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant and the sumptuous steak dinner for $80 is a real mouthwatering experience. You can enjoy the best champagne and wine ranging from as affordable as $10 to as expensive as $300. you can also enjoy the romantic view of the Lake Michigan The Signature Room at the 95th and enjoy a grand feast worth $600. few other equally popular and awesomely expensive restaurants in Chicago are Tru Restaurant, Spiaggia, and Alinea. These restaurants feature a hallmark of delectable delights in Chicago.

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